Recently, I had an opportunity to try out the new AGXsp hearing technology — companion units that sync with the iPhone® and allow more flexibility and control over sound settings. Initially, I was skeptical that the units might sacrifice sound quality for features (controllable under the TruLink™ app in Apple’s App Store), but it wasn’t long before I was able to experience the clarity for myself. They sounded as clean as any hearing aid I’d ever tried — in my own office, anyway.

To get a better sense of the capabilities of the AGXsp devices, I had to put them through a more intense test. I invited my wife to a busy local coffee shop to see them in action. After a 45-minute chat in a small building with bad acoustics and lots of chatter, I came to the conclusion that this hearing system is the real deal.

When we first arrived at the coffeehouse, I used the TruLink app to adjust the bass, treble, and volume level so that I could better hear my wife — who speaks quietly — in a room filled with random noise. The capability to make those adjustments alone is a big factor in improving daily use for my patients, because the rigidity of other units is one of the complaints I hear most often. It only took a few seconds to adjust the settings, and when I did, the background chatter and music playing from overhead melted away, allowing me to hear my wife’s voice cleanly.

After making the sound adjustments, I tagged the location using the TruLink Memories function. This allows you to store adjustments made at a specific location, so that when you return to that location, your hearing will aids automatically readjust to that environment. I tested this by stepping outside and walking around the block, then returning to our table: the sound adjusted when I left the building, and then readjusted perfectly to my prior settings.

The iPhone can also be used as an additional microphone, which many of my patients would find useful, though in this case the hearing aids alone were strong enough to cut through the background noise I was experiencing. And although I never lost the hearing aids or purposely misplaced them, I tried out the Find My Hearing Aids locator once I got back to my office. This feature sends a signal to your phone alerting you to how close you are to your hearing devices — very useful for anyone who’s running late and can’t seem to remember where they put them.

Overall, I was blown away by my experience with the AGXsp iPhone hearing aids. There were no distinguishable bugs in the system, and nothing needed to be immediately fixed in order for them to work properly — a rarity for a new technology. I can’t wait to see how my patients’ hearing situations and confidence improve, and I’m looking forward to seeing the advances that can be made to this breakthrough technology!