We Are Thankful to Have the Resources to Prevent and Treat Hearing Loss Because Most Nations Worldwide Do Not

As doctors of audiology, caring for our local community members is something that gives our lives purpose. Some areas of the world, however, are not as lucky as we are and lack access to basic hearing protection and hearing loss treatment. According to a recent report by the World Health Organization, more than 360 million people worldwide have disabling hearing loss. Sadly, about half of all these cases are easily preventable or treatable.

We have just returned from our 16th trip to the Dominican Republic, where we served 119 people with hearing loss. It was wonderful to change their lives for the better. We helped children who couldn’t go to school because a high fever had robbed them of their hearing and their families could not afford treatment. We helped adults who couldn’t work because of hearing loss following an accident or injury. We also helped an 86-year-old grandmother who had been attacked with a machete during a robbery in her home. She had suffered a head injury that caused a severe hearing loss, and the delight on her face when she was able to hear again filled everyone’s heart with joy.

Learning about how the rest of the world copes with hearing loss is sobering, but it reminds everyone at our practice just how lucky we are to have treatment and hearing care options so readily available. Preventive care truly is the best way to handle hearing loss, so yearly hearing checks are important to ensure that your hearing hasn’t changed. And if it has, we can quickly and easily fit or refit your hearing technology to match your new hearing threshold and make sure you’re hearing your best. And if you have friends or family you suspect could use a hearing check, we’ll take care of them with a baseline audiogram to find out if they are truly experiencing everything the world around them has to offer. Please call our office today at 207-228-9758 to schedule your yearly checkup!