See the video of our recent mission trip

Click below to watch the video or subscribe to our YouTube channel. We partnered with other audiology practices to deliver the hearing devices and prosthetics we donated to our 3H program (read more below the video) because of your hearing aid purchases in our practice.


3H hearing aid donation program

We’re incredibly excited to announce our Buy a Hearing Aid, Give a Hearing Aid donation program. When you invest in better hearing with us, we’ll invest in someone else! For every pair of AGX5, 7, or 9 hearing technology purchased, we will donate a new pair of hearing aids to Portland Rotary’s nonprofit program, 3H. 3H stands for hearing, hands, and H20 (water). The program provides hearing aids, prosthetic hands, and water filters to people in the Dominican Republic.


Contact us to learn how you can help support our 3H program