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Fagan Center for Audiology Reviews

Google Reviews

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“Professional and friendly from receptionist to doctors. Dr. Fagan treated me for tinnitus and Dr. Boothroyd setup and configured my hearing aids. When an issue arose with one hearing aid Dr. Boothroyd quickly diagnosed and send it out for repair--there was...” View All no waste of time with multiple trips. Receptionist Catherine is a joy and will make you feel welcomed and appreciated. I highly recommend Fagan Center for audiology.”
“This is a group of people who are more concerned with your use and happiness using your hearing aids then they are making a sale and never seeing you again! The staff is always pleasant and caring. Once you have hearing aids, they track your progress, a...” View Alldapt the hearing aids to make your use of them easier for you to use, and continue to monitor your use. Their goal is to know that you are really hearing better! Kudos to them! In my experience they are far superior to other companies that I have experienced in the greater Portland area.”
“Being retired, this represented a significant investment for me. After visiting several businesses, I felt Fagan Center was the best fit for me, even living in Saco and having to travel. I was right! Everyone is friendly, welcoming, and professional. I...” View All deal with Dr. Boothroyd, I haven’t had many questions, she manages to cover everything beforehand. She’s making sure I get the most out of my purchase. I would have been happy with just being able to hear again but, as I’m learning, there’s so much more. My comfort and education is important to everyone at the center. Overall, I’m disappointed that I can only give a five star rating. I highly recommend this group. Happy Hearing!”
Friendly staff, great experience!
“One of my husband's hearing aids had become broken and we just stopped in at the office to ask about it's ability to be repaired and the audiologist took us right in and discussed all of his options. He ended up ordering a new pair, as his insurance was el...” View Alligible for new ones, and got them recently and he is VERY pleased with them and with the personal yet professional care at the office.”
Excellent, professional service.
Very Kind and knowledgeable, They have a wealth of knowledge to share to hopefully help you feel better and or hear better
Great place. Great and friendly staff. Went in without an appointment with a minor hearing aid problem and walked out 10 minutes later with it completely fixed at NO CHARGE.
“I have never had anything other than an immediate favorable response to any questions regarding my hearing aid or hearing tests. Fagan Audiology has made this experience as pleasant as possible. I feel really grateful for the expertise and care. Deede D...” View Allominick”
My visit went very well. I encountered very friendly and professional people, from the front desk to the audiologist. I highly recommend Fagan Center for Audiology for excellent quality care.
30+ years of superb service and support!
30+ years of superb service and support!

Facebook Reviews

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Had a recent appointment and was very pleased with the friendliness, competency, and professionalism of these folks. Highly recommended.
Always pleased. Kathleen is the best receptionist ever - I get batteries mailed promptly when needed; she accommodates my crazy schedule and is always pleasant. I really appreciate Dr. Boothroyd and her family background as well as her sunny personality.
Fagan Center is easy to work with. They listen to your issues and work to resolve them. I'm always pleased with the outcome.
All of my questions answered And the staff went above and beyond dealing with my horrible insurance company!
Very helpful and professional. The cost is intimidating but nothing wrong with the service. Everyone was so accommodating. Recommend.
“The initial and follow up calls address everything. All concerns are addressed without question. Everything has been as promised . They’ve always been patient and understanding. They offer a great product and stand behind it.Thanks to Dr. I have no ccomp...” View Alllaints .”
“I've had the best experience at Fagan Center for Radiology, from the interaction with Kathleen, just a peach, at the front desk in scheduling and rescheduling. My Audiologist, Derina Boothroyd, is so sweet and caring and so accommodating. Thank you for ...” View Allsuch a great experience..”
I was able to get a quick appointment, had an updated hearing test, and an adjustment for my hearing aids!!! Thank you so much! Happy camper!
I was able to get a quick appointment, had an updated hearing test, and an adjustment for my hearing aids!!! Thank you so much! Happy camper!

Yelp Reviews

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“Intermittently for three years I've been bothered by excessive ear wax. At times it has significantly interfered with my hearing. I researched the issue on the web as I often do and found the website of Fagan Audiology: I was impressed by...” View All the material on the website. This August (2018) I called them and described my problem. I was told the cost for ear wax removal and a hearing test would be $100. According to my research, this was a price within the normal range for these services. I made an appointment for 08/27/18. I arrived early and so had time to read some of the interesting material in the waiting room. Among other things, I learned that there's a connection between hearing loss and dementia; I hadn't known that. When it was time for my appointment, Dr. Derina Boothroyd, examined my ears and confirmed wax blockage in both ears. She tried to take the wax out with a metal curette, but that caused me some discomfort so we went with option #2: flushing the wax out with a water-pik-like device. Kathleen, the friendly front desk person, assisted. It was very quick and painless. Afterwards Dr. Boothroyd had me dry my ears with a princess-telephone-shaped ear blow dryer. That was a quick process too. Next, Dr. Boothroyd had me sit in what looked like an old fashioned bank vault but was, when the door was shut, a sealed room to test hearing. This was a computerized test. I put on a headset so I only would hear the sounds coming from the machine. I held a clicker in my hand and clicked every time I heard a sound, even if it was faint. I was a little nervous, particularly after what I read in the waiting room. At the conclusion of the test, Dr. Boothroyd pronounced my hearing "normal." I was very relieved and happy. The cost was exactly as agreed on: $100. I think the whole visit took about a half hour. This is my kind of medical visit experience: short, successful, and a modest cost. As a general note, I'd like to say: good hearing is so important. When the wax blockage was at its worst, I was concerned about driving safely because the auditory source of feedback was diminished. Also, I love music, so it was such a pleasure to fully hear my CD collection and download collection again. If you have concerns about your hearing, Fagan Audiology might be a good place for you to find out exactly what's going on and what your options are.”